ISO-9001: 2008

Quality Policy

Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Ltd. is engrossed in our production and sale of high quality products including maintaining excellent services based on relevant rules and regulations to continually improve our products’ quality and human resources for customer satisfaction.

Mr.Shizuo Sato


March 16, 2016

ISO-14001: 2004

Environmental Policy

SANKO FATEM (THAILAND) LTD. is a manufacturer and distributor of Anchor Bolt and Fastening equipment under the fundamental policy of Sanko Group which stated that environmental control in business proceeding is considered as our responsibility and basic understanding to conserve the richness of global environment for the advantages of human living.


1. We will establish the environmental management system to minimize the consequences of obtaining raw materials, general factors for the production, procedures in the factory, administrative work and also export process.

Certificate : ISO14001

2. Our responsibility is at least to follow environmental laws and regulations including other standard requirements related to the company business proceeding. We will improve our standard.

3. We will control and prevent environmental pollution caused by our business by improving production efficiency and decreasing waste and resource consumption such as electricity, water, and oil. Impacts from production process until export process are as follows :

3.1 Quality of wastewater from the factory

3.2 Storage method to maintain the quantity of chemical substance used for Zn plating and wastewater treatment

3.3 Contaminated oil from production process

3.4 We will promote segregation and minimization of waste for easy reuse or elimination.

4. We will identify objectives and targets on environmental issues, starting with staff and related public groups by encouraging them to be environmentally responsible in both direct and indirect ways.

5. We will consider the improvement of environmental management system continually.

6. We will convey our environmental policy to all members of staff in the organization and to the public.

7. We will protect the environment by the organization’s activities with the collaboration of communities or agencies.


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